Simulics Reverse Debugger for PIC24 (MPLabX Plugin)

This plugin adds reverse debugging capability to the MPLabX IDE. The package includes the source code for a demo that runs two Game of Life tasks inside FreeRTOS. It uses timers, interrupts, UART, PMP and the SH1101A display, which can all be reverse debugged.

Plugin Version:2.0beta3
MPLabX Version:3.30 upwards; 3.35/3.40 are not supported
Supported Cores:PIC24E and PIC24H
Supported Devices:UART
Interrupt Controller
16/32 Bit Timers
PMP (Parallel Master Port) connected to SH1101A display as on PIC24H Starter Kit

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Simulice Reverse Debugger v2.0beta3

  • Extended time slider and added interval search
  • Added time tags view
  • Improved interrupt handling
  • FreeRTOS GOL Demo now ported back to v8.0.0 (to enable Microchip's RTOSViewer plugin)
  • Fixed the gray buttons bug
  • Fixed reset button behavior
  • Misc minor fixes

Simulics Reverse Debugger v2.0beta2

  • FreeRTOS GOL Demo
  • Added Step Over Reverse
  • Added Step Out Reverse (Uncall)
  • Improved IRQ Handling and Timers
  • DISI fix
  • Changed Plugin Description
  • Misc minor fixes

Simulics Reverse Debugger v2.0beta1

  • Initial Version
  • Reverse Debugging functional
  • Simple Game Of Life Demo